Forever Loop

Sometimes, you might want something to keep happening again and again. Instead of writing many lines of code, we can use something called a “loop” in our code. Imagine a Forever Loop as a magical tool that makes any block inside it repeat over and over and over, just like magic that never ends!

Conditional Statement (If/Then)

Sometimes we need our computer to do something but only at when we want it to, and based on other information. For that, we can use a block called a conditional or an If-then block. It works kind of like this; If it’s raining outside, Then use an umbrella. In an ‘If/Then’ block – if a condition is met – then something we define happens.

Conditional Statement (If/Then/Else)

 An ‘If, Then, Else’ block in coding is like giving directions to someone. It says: ‘If this happens, do this. If not, do something else.’ Think about it like deciding what to wear. It’s like saying: ‘If it’s sunny outside, wear shorts. But if it’s raining, wear a raincoat.’ The computer uses these directions to make choices just like you decide what to wear based on the weather.