Great job on building and coding your wind turbine! Now that your wind turbine is connected to a circle of lights (an LED ring) with 8 LEDs, let’s explore a new way to use them.

While wind is a valuable energy source, its speed can be inconsistent. At times, there may be no wind, while at other times, it can blow at varying speeds. Such fluctuations can influence the battery charging. To better visualize the Wind Turbine’s performance, we’ll use each LED light on the ring individually.

Follow these steps based on your existing code:

Illuminate the LED pixels one by one when the wind speed is below 80.
If the speed exceeds 40, turn the LEDs to red progressively.
Incorporate a feature that, upon pressing the touch-down button, shows the current speed of the turbine.
Need a hint? 🔎 You’ll need to introduce more variables in your code to monitor this new data.

Happy coding!

To be able to translate the speed of the turbine onto the LED ring’s pixels