Our wind turbine simulates how a real wind turbine would function when the wind is blowing. However, in real life, the size and shape of the wind turbine blades play a big role in how effectively the turbine can capture wind energy. Everything from the size, width, length, and shape of the blades can make a difference. Spend some time researching real life wind turbines, paying close attention to the shape of their blades, to get some inspiration for your project build.

Use materials like construction paper and cardboard to cut out blades for your wind turbine. Attach them to the project using the provided Butterfly Clips in the Climate Action Kit. Let your imagination run wild with construction paper, recycled plastic bottles, cardboard, or other things lying around that you can work with.

This time-lapse shows how we used coloured paper, glue, and the included butterfly clips to make a wind turbine with our own shaped blades.

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